Wholesale Commercial Size Vintage View Metal Wine Rack Holds 384 Bottles Of Spirits


Wholesale Commercial Size Vintage View Metal Wine Rack Holds 384 Bottles Of Spirits

This commercial wine rack is perfect for restaurants, bars or even a passionate wine collector. Not only does this wine rack offer a stunning display of the contents, it also offers optional security feature. Each section has lock loops on the door. You can lock up your more expensive bottles or every section.

Each unit can also be customized to suit your personal needs. The ends of this wine cabinet are compatible with other Vintage View racks. Additional racks can be added to the ends, and will fit seamlessly with this rack. Build the custom unit you want every time. 

Your customers will love the elegant design allowing for viewing the wine bottles. 

Wine Rack Features

  • Lockable Security Doors
  • Modular Design
  • Easily Customize 
  • Heavy Duty Steel Metal Materials
  • Holds 384 Bottles Of Wine And Spirits

Metal Wine Rack Measurements

  • 84" 1/8" or 7 feet Tall
  • 56" 1/2" or A little over 4 1/2 feet wide

Suggested Retail Sales Price $3,499.00 + Sales Tax


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