Roadside Assistance Tools Wagan Tech Roadside Emergency Flashing Light F.R.E.D.


Roadside Assistance Tools Wagan Tech Roadside Emergency Flashing Light F.R.E.D.

Get the help you need and avoid further catastrophes with these emergency roadside flashing lights. They can help signal for help or to warn others in the area of dangers. These powerful emergency lights are sure to get the attention of anyone within viewing distance.  

F.R.E.D. lights or "Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk" contain 15 bright LED lights. Each light disk is contained within a shockproof case to protect the interior lights. The LED lights have a full series of 10 different light modes to choose from including SOS. The 3 AAA batteries can run this light for up to 38 hours of light time.

These emergency lights can also be great to include with an home emergency disaster kit.

Emergency Light Features

  • 15 Bright LED Lights
  • Attached Hook For Hanging 
  • Crush Proof Shockproof Case
  • Runs On 3 AAA Batteries
  • Compact For Easy Storage
  • 10 Different Light Mode Settings

Suggested Retail Sale Price $19.99 + Sales Tax

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